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Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Else Hates by Karma-Maple Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Else Hates by Karma-Maple
1 - Seychelles; Lovely and beautiful character that is hated due to the fandom.
2 - France; A Fabulous male who's personality is taken the wrong way due to fandom.
3 - GLaDOS; Though being the antagonist, she is a rather likeable character.
4 - South Korea; Not a popular character due the South Korean government not liking him so much. I wish they could've given it a chance, but I don't hate them for their choice.
5 - Rochelle; Every Fandom hates boobs I guess. I for one like Rochelle and always play as her in L4D2.
6 - Grace Holloway; People hate her because she hates the main character and tries to kill him. You have to understand that from her POV, she was trying to protect little Eleanor and didn't understand how Big Daddies worked.
7 - Prussia; I like Prussia okay? I don't like those that hate them. I've been seeing a lot of them recently.
8 - Sally; OMG, THE CREATOR MAKES A CANONXOC STAMP because some people requested that but lol no that is going to be ignored THAT MEANS HER CHARACTER IS AUTOMATICALLY A SUE OMG DESU.
Seriously though, I like Sally and I need to draw Fanart of her soon.
9 - Lizzie; You call can suck it. I like Elizabeth. Her personality fits with what a high class girl of her age would have lived like in Victorian England.
10 - Mizore; Adorable but lonely Yuki-onna. Started my love of Yuki-onnas which I must continue later.

Seychelles, France, South Korea, Prussia, and Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya
Grace Holloway and Bioshock 2K
GLaDOS and Portal VALVE
Rochelle and Left 4 Dead 2 VALVE
Elizabeth Midford and Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Yana Toboso
Mizore Shirayuki and Rosario Vampire Akihisa Ikeda
Sally *Kiki-Hyuga
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September 10, 2013
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