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The Angry Princess


Gil lifted his head and using his hand to shield his eyes from the sunlight.
Where was he-Oh! That's right! He was on the surface.
Gil sat up to see he was on a fluffy mat like what he and his siblings used as beds but it was much more soft.

He picked up the white thing his face had been on and squished it.
Red eyes gleaming at the feeling.
If he could talk, he'd be proclaiming loudly how awesome this was.

There was a knock at the door.
Gil's eyes shot up as the door opened.
Matthew poked his head through the door and jumped upon seeing Gil was staring at him.
"'re awake." Matthew said, shuffling into the room and shutting the door.
"Did you sleep well?" Matthew asked.
Gil nodded.
Matthew sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.
Gil gave Matthew a worried look.

Matthew shook his hands. "Oh no no no no everything is fine. I just am surprised I slept through the entire night without any nightmares." Matthew said.
Gil gave a confused look.
"Its nothing, really." Matthew insisted. "I've just been having nightmares lately but last night was the first time they haven't happened."

Gil grinned and tried to stand up and failed, falling forward.
"Oh no!" Matthew yelped, rushing forward to catch Gil and instead found himself pinned under Gil.
Gil stared down at Matthew, who's face had become a reddish-pink.
Matthew in turn stared up at him, violet eyes wide.

The door opened fully and then came a loud squeal.

The two looked up to see a brown haired servant girl with an orange flower in her hair was in the doorway.
She was currently covering her mouth with her hands to stop her squealing to get any louder and bouncing slightly.
Matthew quickly shoved Gil off of him and stood up.
  " don't tell m-my brother..." He said, shaking slightly and his face still red.
Elizabeta giggled and replied, "Of course, Prince Matthew."
She paused, sighing and then continuing, "Have you seen a purple crab anywhere around here?"
Matthew cocked his head to the side in confusion.
"Yesterday a beautiful purple crab came wandering into the castle. Francis almost grabbed it but I stopped him. I had the crab vith me when I vent to sleep and I can't seem to find him anyvhere."
Matthew thought for a moment.
As he did, he didn't see Gil had covered his face with a pillow to block his silent laughter.

This girl was blind if she thought Roderich was beautiful.

"No I don't think I have but my guest and I will keep an eye out for you." Matthew said, giving Elizabeta a smile.
"Köszönöm~" she said, disappearing from sight.

Matthew glanced over at Gil.
"Maybe we can get you to tell us your name today. I really want to refer to you as something." Matthew said.
Gil started to reach his hand out to Matthew when Matthew jumped out of hands' reach.
"'ll send some servants with some new clothes in a bit..." Matthew said, leaving quickly.


Roderich finally found Gil by hiding in the clothes a servant brought him.
He kept silent which was worrying the now silent Gil.

Gil wore a dark blue shirt with dark gray pants and brown boots, which the servant once he was done attempting to grope Gil's chest, helped him put on.
As Gil stared at himself in the mirror, Roderich finally spoke up.

"Gil, I will be leaving for the Kingdom today." he said.

Gil turned to stare at him, eyes wide.

"I von't tell where you are...I need to go back but I will try to return as soon as possible. Tonio und Raivis are still here to help you if there are any problems." Roderich said. "Can you please see me off? I don't vant....her to see me leave..."
Gil raised an eyebrow before a grin spread across his face, remembering the servant girl from earlier.
"Shut up..." Roderich said quickly.

Once Gil made it to the balcony with Roderich hiding in his shirt, he could see Tonio sitting on the railing being talked to by that Chef, Francis.
Francis looked back to see Gil.
"Oh, bonjour monsieur." he said.
Gil nodded at him.
"Isn't zhis a beau seagull? I've never seen one with brown feathers before." Francis said.
"Francis! You are suppose to be cooking!" came the loud yell of Arthur.
"Coming mon cher, Arthur." Francis sighed as he returned inside.

"Hola amigo. Chef Francis is nice isn't he?" Tonio said.
"Nice?! He almost killed me yesterday!" Roderich yelled, popping out of Gil's shirt.
"I warned you to avoid him but you didn't listen." Tonio replied.
"Vhatever, I need you to bring me back to the sea." Roderich responded.
"Because I AM King Germia's adviser and I can imagine he is in a panic because his eldest son and the heir to the Kingdom is missing." Roderich explained.
Gil rolled his eyes.
"Okay, hop on."
Roderich crawled onto Tonio's back.

"I vill try to return as soon as I can!" Roderich called as Tonio flew out of sight.

"There you are!" Matthew called as he approached Gil.
Gil glanced at Matthew and smiled.
"So do you remember your name?" Matthew asked, leaning on the railing.

Gil wanted to talk.
He wanted to proclaim his awesomeness to Matthew.
He wanted to let the sad Prince know that he was noticed.

But with the spell in place, he couldn't.

Gil thought for a moment and held up three fingers.
"Umm? Three letter word?"
Gil nodded and mouthed 'G' 'I' 'L'
Matthew stared at him, puzzled.
"G-I-L? Your name is Gil?" he finally said.
Gil could feel his face become pink from hearing his own name off of Matthew's lips and nodded.

"Gil...Its a nice name." Matthew said, smiling at the end.
"Hey Matt!" came Alfred's voice as he came running up and stopped once he saw Gil standing beside Matthew. "Who's he?" he growled, recognize Gil as the one who literally had flipped him the day before.
"Uhm...this is my guest, Gil. He'll be staying with us." Matthew explained. "What did you want, Alfred?"
"Oh...yeah, that Princess, Arthur said he invited? She's arriving today." Alfred said.
"Oh dear...where is he finding these Princ-?" Matthew was cut off when a loud yell came from inside.


Alfred yanked on Matthew's hand and said, "C'mon, lets go see what's going on."
Matthew was pulled inside and grabbed Gil's hand, dragging him inside as well.

Inside there was an unfamiliar girl with blond-white hair and angry violet eyes dressed in a dark purple dress that barely reached her knees and black Mary Jane shoes with black stockings with a white ribbon in her hair, yelling at an older girl who had short blond hair and wore a light blue dress that reached her ankles.
One noticeable thing about the older girl were her bigger than average breasts.

Matthew glanced at Alfred out of the corner of his eye to see he was staring and roughly elbowed him.
"Ouch!" Alfred gasped.
"Don't stare." Matthew hissed.

The younger girl stormed up the stairs and a door on the second floor slammed loudly.
The older one sighed, turning to look back at Arthur.
Arthur was wide-eyed looking as if he had been given a fright.
The three could now see why.

A large butcher knife was deep in the wood of the wall, barely an inch from Arthur's neck.

"I am so very sorry, Mister Kirkland. You contacted me on such short notice that I didn't have time to warn you of my sister's...anger." the older girl said.
"Anger?" Arthur repeated, his green eyes widened once he saw the three standing there.

"Princes Alfred and...Matthew, this is Queen Katyusha from another Kingdom." Arthur said.
"The younger one is my little sister, Princess Natalia." Katyusha explained.
Alfred crossed his arms. "I heard something about anger?"
"Oh sister does not like to meet any other Princes...She claims that no one will be as perfect as our brother, Ivan." Katyusha said, her smile falling.
"I bet I can take him. Where is he?" Alfred asked.
"ALFRED!" Matthew yelped, having seen the tell-tale signs of sadness in Katyusha's blue eyes.
"My little brother, Ivan died from pneumonia when we were children. Natalia has never gotten over the grief of his death."

Matthew bowed his head.
"I am truly sorry about the death of your brother, Queen Katyusha. I know the grief all too well. Our Father passed two years ago."
Gil lowered his head to show his respect as well, even though he had never met this Ivan.
"Thank you."

It was the evening, the dinner had been served, and had just ended.
Matthew sat in his chair beside Gil, having been ignored as Alfred went after Arthur to yell at him, Katyusha had retired for the night, and Princess Natalia hadn't been seen since her little outburst earlier.

Matthew glanced over at Gil.
Gil glanced over at him.
"Would you like to dance with me?"
Gil gave him a puzzled look.
"You don't know how to-?"
Gil shook his head.

Matthew stood up and held his hands out to Gil, then pulling him out of his chair and to his feet.

After a several long minutes of showing Gil how to ballroom dance, Gil finally got the hang of dancing and was dancing slowly, holding tightly to Matthew's hand.
Gil could see his face was a light pink from the touch but he wasn't embarrassed by the interaction.

He was so beautiful.
He might have Anya beat before these five days were up.
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Here's Pt8 finally.
Quick Notes;
Anya and Ivan are not the same person and are in no way related to each other in this story.
Katyusha leaves next chapter and won't be seen again til the end.
Natalia is actually one of the good characters which she will prove later on.

Characters Who Appeared in this chapter;
Prussia as Prince Gil
Canada as Prince Matthew
Hungary as Elizabeta the Servant Girl
Austria as Roderich the Crab
France as Francis the Cook
Spain as Tonio the Seagull
America as Prince Alfred
England as Arthur the Adviser
Ukraine as Queen Katyusha
and Belarus as Princess Natalia

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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