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They Make It Look So Easy


Tonio rustled his feathers at he sat on his rock. "Ay...I wish I had a Tomate..." he said to himself.

"Prince Gil you idiot don't try to-!"
A loud splash was heard.

Tonio spread his wings and flew to see what the trouble was and found his friend, Gil in the shallow water rubbing his head.

"Hola amigo!" Tonio called, landing on a rock in front of Prince Gil.
Gil grinned at the seagull.

"Amigo? Why aren't you talking?" Tonio asked.
"He made a deal with Anya and traded his voice for legs." Roderich sneered from his spot on a rock.
On that note, Gil lifted both feet in the air for all to see, flopping back into the water as he did. Gilguppy jumped a bit in the air before flopping back into the water.
"Hey Amigo, who's that?" Tonio asked, noticing the red tailed Mereel hiding behind the rock Roderich sat on.
Gil shrugged.
"From vhat I've gathered, his name is Raivis." Roderich said, glancing over.
The Mereel nodded.
"My name is Raivis." he said. "I want to help you get what you want."
"Vhy vould you vant to help him of all people?" Roderich asked.
"Well...its for my brothers. They are under Anya's control and if I can help someone win a deal against her, they might be released from her control." he said.

Tonio rustled his feathers before glancing at Gil. "We can trust him, Amigo."
Gil grabbed Tonio with his hands and gave him a look.
"Wha-OH! You want to know how Prince Matthew is?" Tonio asked.
Gil nodded.
Tonio's gaze fell. "Well...Matthew hasn't been getting a lot of sleep lately due to nightmares he's been having. From what I've heard, he hasn't even told anyone what the nightmares are about." Tonio said.

Glancing up at the castle, Gil tried to stand again and managed to wobble a bit on the sand before falling forward.
"Hold up Gil!" Tonio said. "You can't just waltz into the castle. You're not wearing any clothes."
Gil glanced up and mouthed, 'No really? I didn't notice.'
Tonio thought for a second. "I got it!"
"Vhat do you got?" Roderich asked.
"Prince Alfred is donating his unused clothes to the poor people today. They won't notice a pair of pants and a shirt missing nor recognize them!" Tonio shouted. "I'll be back as soon as possible!"
Tonio flew up to the castle and disappeared from sight.

Roderich groaned.
"Vhy must everyone be idiots?"


Tonio flew up to the castle and landed on the railing by the dining area. As he did, Prince Alfred came out carrying two crates of clothes and set them down.
"Alfred! You better come back here right this instant!"
Prince Alfred sighed. "Okay Arthur, don't get your panties in a bunch." he groaned, returning inside.
Tonio glanced around before flying over to the crate.
Picking out a pair of gray pants and a black shirt from the pile.
As he went to retrieve the items, he noticed Prince Matthew had spotted him, his big fluff ball of a dog at his side.

Tonio quickly flew off to the beach.
"Oh no!" Prince Matthew yelped, racing after him.
The dog, Kuma following.

" least Gil's going to be happy about who followed me." Tonio thought to himself.


When Tonio returned, he found Gil had managed to stand upright and was taking his first steps with Raivis clapping in encouragement. Tonio dropped the clothes in the sand.
"Amigo, you might want to get dressed quickly." he said.
"Vhy?" Roderich responded.

"Prince Matthew spotted me and actually followed me down here."

Gil's eyes widened and a smirk grew on his face.

With some minor issues, he managed to pull on the clothes.
Though they were a bit loose on him.

He managed to walk several steps, nearly falling over but managing.
He grinned over at Ravis and Roderich.

"Now remember Amigo. Don't scare him. He's not so used to the attention." Tonio warned.

Then came a voice.
"Dammit, where'd that seagull get to?" came the soft voice.
Raivis and Roderich hid behind the rocks when the voice was heard.
Tonio hid with them, leaving the now human Gil to face the Prince alone.

As Gil leaned on a rock to keep his balance, Matthew entered the area.
Gil leaned his head down, now suddenly experiencing an odd feeling in his gut.

Would Matthew not like the awesome him?
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Two chapters in one day, you lucky bastards XD
Anyway, Gilbird might play the main role of Flounder from the Disney movie but Latvia gets Flounder's speaking parts.
The next chapter will come out hopefully this week.

Characters Who Appeared in This Chapter;
Canada as Prince Matthew
Prussia as Prince Gil
America as Prince Alfred
Austria as Roderich the Crab
Spain as Tonio the Seagull
Latvia as Raivis the Mereel
and Gilbird as Gilguppy

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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dont worry Gil! he'll love you, this is DISNEY we're talking about here!
though in the original the girl dosnt get the prince and she dies
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o w o
I've read that one.
I've also read the one where she kills the Prince and his new wife while they sleep
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I know one pairing where that happens.
AusHun...well it'd actually be HunAus.

Hungary is the most manly character in Hetalia and Austria is her bitch
very true
Omg, Gilbo~ Don't worry~ He'll love you! You know... eventually...
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