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Changes Seems Sweeter.


Gil glanced up at the source of the voice.

"Privet Prince Gil. You are here to make a deal with Anya, da?" the voice repeated.
Gil nodded slowly.
Anya laughed slightly, leaving her hidden spot.

Anya was a woman who appeared to be mid-twenties with long beige-blonde hair and dark violet eyes that held a childish innocence to them but could change to a bloodthirsty rage in seconds.

Unlike the Merpeople, her lower half was that of an octopus.
With a dark pink-purple skin coating her tentacles.

She turned floating around her home.
Gil kept his eyes straight forward.
"Kolkolkolkol..." he heard her snicker.
She finally stopped at a wooden chest and fiddled with the lock.
She glanced over her shoulder, giving Gil a childish smile.

"Tell Anya about who you desire, Prince Gil." She said.
Gil crossed his arms and glanced away.
"Just tell me how you are suppose to help zhe awesome me..." he said.
"Hmm, Hmm...I can't do that if you don't tell Anya who you desire~." She teased.
"He's a Land dweller Prince..." Gil finally, answered.
Anya grinned. "Khorosho~" she said, opening the chest and releasing a cloud of dirt.
"Your Father does not agree, da? she asked.
"...ja...he doesn't..." Gil responded.

"Now-" Anya said, swimming around her cavern until she was at Prince Gil's line of sight. "To make a deal with Anya, you must have something to give something return. Something of equal value to that which you desire."
Gil backed up. "The awesome me has nothing to give." he said.
Anya's smile fell. "Oh..."
She turned and started to swim to the back of her cave.
"...then you don't desire your Land Prince so much that you'd give anything to be with him." she taunted.
Anya stopped, hiding her smile from the red-finned Merman.
"Anyzhing? I can give anyzhing?"
She turned to glance at him. "Da, anything you think is of equal value to how much you want to be with him." she replied.

Gil lowered his head, trying to think what would be as important to him as Matthew.
Then it hit him.

"Mien voice...The awesome me gives my voice for the deal...just tell me what I vill get in return..." Gil said, flipping his fin.
"Such a good question, Prince Gil. For your voice you will receive legs so you too can walk on the land..." Anya started.
Gil fought back the urge to smile.
"But...You see the deal is only for five days."
"Vhat do I have to do in five days?"
"You have to get your Land Prince to kiss you...but it must be for love."
"..." Gil kept quiet.
Anya smirked pulling out a roll of paper which held an eerie purple glow to it and unrolled it.
"Deal is ready are you? Become one with Anya if you do not follow through~" she purred, her dark violet eyes seemingly becoming darker.

"Prince Gil don't!" came Roderich's shout as he came into view.
Before he could say anything else, the brown haired Mereel came out of no where and smacked the crab into a wall with his tail.
"I accept." Gil finally said.

Anya's smile grew as if with his words, Prince Gil's name appeared on the paper.
A purple mist started to engulf Gil.
"Vhat the hell are yo-" his voice was cut off. His lips kept moving but his voice was gone.
His red eyes widened as he grasped his throat in surprise, still moving his lips.

Anya smirked as her magic began to take effect.

Gil squeezed his eyes shut as pain engulfed his tail.
He'd scream but his voice was gone so he couldn't utter a single sound.
He flailed his fin instead feeling two feet failing to kick the water.
It didn't help that he couldn't breath anymore as water filled his lungs.

He thought he'd die at that moment.

"EAT THIS ANYA!" came an unfamiliar voice shouted as a mud bomb exploded in Anya's face, blinding her for a second.
In that second, an arm wrapped around Gil and pulled him out of the cave and headed up to the surface with Gil in hand.


Gil silently hacked up the water that was stinging his insides as he fought to take in deep breaths of air.
He glanced back to the water to see who rescued him.

A small Mereel sat in the water staring back at him with soft blue eyes. Messy, wet brown hair hung in his face.
Gil jumped back, thinking it was one of Anya's lackeys. Noticing his own feet.
The Mereel raised his hands and shook his head frantically back and forth.

"N-n-no Prince G-Gil. I d-don't work with Anya. I'm here to help you." he stuttered out, revealing his own Eel tail to be a vibrant red though not being as red as Prince Gil's old tail.

Roderich resurfaced beside the timid Mereel.
"God! You didn't have to leave me down there! I barely made it out myself!" he shouted.
"I-I'm sorry." the Mereel said.

Roderich turned his gaze on Gil.
"I hope you're happy now, Prince Gil. You couldn't listen to your Vati." Roderich said.
Gil went to tell Roderich off but all he could do was mouth his words and flail.

Roderich gave a slight smile and said to the Mereel, "Now if only we can keep him like that while he's a Merperson."
Gil pouted and kicked water at Roderich.

He was human now and he could finally meet Matthew face to face.
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Since people wanted it so much, here's part 4.

Characters Who Appeared in This Chapter;
Prussia as Prince Gil
(Fem) Russia as Anya the Sea Witch
Austria as Roderich the Crab
Lithuania as Toris the Mereel
Latvia as ???

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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