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The Fun is Only Just Beginning


Prince Gil groaned as he swam through the water to his hidden cave. Gilguppy swimming after him.
It had only been several days since what happened with Matthew-

Gil stopped and sighed, rolling onto his back so he could see the sun shimmering from above the waves.
He closed his eyes remembering the face of Matthew.
Light blond hair...violet eyes...that little blond curl hanging in his face.

A smile crept onto his face.

Gilguppy nudged him, signalling their arrival at the cave.
Gil swam down to the entrance of the cave, swimming inside.
He eyes widened.
Lying there in the middle of the cave was the sculpture of Matthew and his brother. Gil swam around it, staring at the sculpture Matthew. Flicking dirt onto the face of sculpture Alfred as he did.

Gil sighed staring at the face of the stone fake Matthew.

"You like him, yes?" came two sudden voices.
Gil turned to see two pair of eyes staring back at him from the shadows.
What caught Gil's eye was the fact that one's left eye was a complete dark purple while the other one's right eye was a complete dark purple. "Ja...what's it to you?" Gil responded.

The two forms exited the shadows, revealing themselves to be Mereels.

The Left-eyed one was tall and skinny. Dark brown hair just barely reaching his shoulders. His right eye was green. His eel tail was a faded shade of yellow-green.

The Right-eyed one was average height but not nearly as skinny as the other. Short dirty blond hair hung around his face, just barely reaching his ears. His left eye was a faded green. His eel tail was a faded steel blue.

Gil backed up so that he was hiding behind the statue. The two swam around him.
"We know who can help you be at your lover's side." the two said together.
"Who...?" Gil asked.
"Anya." The two replied.
"Zhe sea witch?!" Gil yelped. Both nodded. "She wants to meet you...Prince don't have to go now. But come find us and we'll lead you to her." The two said.

Before Gil could move, they were gone.
Leaving the Prince alone with a small yellow fish and a cold statue.

Gil sighed, his brain had so many thoughts.
Gil decided to confront his father with what he wanted.


Matthew sat up in his bed with a jolt. Shaking as he did. Alfred rushed in.

"Matthew what's wrong? Is it another nightmare?" Alfred asked, feeling Matthew's forehead.
"I-I d-don't know..." Matthew replied.
"I'll go get Francis. Don't move." Alfred said, leaving.

After he had nearly drowned, he was being haunted by dreams of something...rescuing him.

Those red eyes.
Matthew shivered at the memory.
Those eyes were blood red.

One thing he chose not to tell his brother.
He had heard a male's voice in his ear before Alfred had found him.

"Its too bad we didn't get to know each other better, meine Schönheit."
Those words hung in his mind, repeating over and over on a loop.

But one thing that clung to his mind; Alfred said no one had jumped into the water after Matthew.
But someone saved him.
Someone actually noticed him enough to save him.
Matthew glanced out his window to stare out at the sea.

"...maybe...that guy is...alone just like me..." Matthew said to himself.


"Vati listen to me!" Gil screamed, swimming in front of his Father.

King Germia was basically identical to Prince Ludwig but with much longer blond hair.

He glared sternly down at Gil. "You have to understand, I don't vant to live like this anymore! Please understand!" Gil screamed, grabbing a hold of his Father's arm.

King Germia huffed flinging his wrist and knocking Gil to the ground. "You disobeyed our law, Gilbert..." King Germia said, glaring down at his oldest son.
Roman rushed to his older brother's side, staring up at their father with soft blue eyes. "He's sorry, Vati. He von't do it again." Roman insisted.
King Germia huffed again, turning away from his two sons.

"He better not..." he said, swimming away with a flip of his dark blue tail.

Roman tried to help Gil up but was shoved away. "Leave me alone Roman! I highly doubt you'll know what I vant..." Gil growled, swimming away from his brother.

Roman glanced over his shoulder to see Ludwig, Vash, and Lili had witnessed the whole argument.
Roman glanced down at his own black fin, sighing.

Ludwig swam over with a flip of his green fin. "Its okay, bruder...Gil just needs to be alone." he said, patting his twin's back gently.
"I still think he's nothing but an idiot." Vash growled, keeping Lili close to him with his dark green tail. His blond hair floating in the water.
"Don't say that Vash!" Roman gasped.
"I'll say what I want, Roman." Vash responded.

Princess Lili glanced at the faces of her three older brothers and sighed.
They were fighting again.
Lili stared down at her own red-pink fin and wiggled it.


Gil swam out of the castle, his anger was growing.
"Prince Gil get back here!" came Roderich's voice.
"Nien!" Gil responded.

The brown haired Mereel appeared from the rocks. "Sveiki, Prince Gil."
The dirty blond haired Mereel appeared from behind him. "Yes, Tere. Are you ready to see Anya?" He said, swimming up to the brown haired one.
Gil glanced over his shoulder at the wide-eyed crab before staring back at the two Mereels.
"Ja, I'm ready." Gil said.

Roderich was frozen. "No Gil don't!" he screamed but a sudden blast of water sent him tumbling back.
He could see Gil disappearing with Anya's two servants.
Before he could move, a pair of hands grabbed him.
"N-No! D-don't!" came a timid voice. "Anya is evil. She's pure evil! I can help you find her home but you have to trust me."
Roderich stared up at the pair of terrified blue eyes staring down at him.
"How can I trust you?!" Roderich yelled.

Gil followed the two Mereels into an open cavern.

He stared around at the rocks and the objects scattered around.
He could've sworn he saw something move in the shadows.
Before he could investigate, a voice cut through the creepy silence.

Privet Prince Gil. You are here to make a deal with Anya, da?"
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New Chapter and the fun is really starting.

Characters Who Appeared in This Chapter;
Canada as Prince Matthew
Prussia as Prince Gil
America as Prince Alfred
Lithuania as Toris the Mereel
Estonia as Eduard the Mereel
Germany as Prince Ludwig
Holy Roman Empire as Prince Roman
Switzerland as Prince Vash
Liechtenstein as Princess Lili
Germania as King Germia
Latvia as ???
Austria as Roderich the Crab
(Fem) Russia as Anya the Sea Witch
and Gilbird as Gilguppy.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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