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Something Much Better Than Any Treasure

The waves lightly rocked the ship. The occupant of a large room shivered, pulling his quilt closer to his body and continued to read.
The door flew open with a crash, startling the occupant, a light haired man who was nineteen years old, with odd colored eyes of a purple shade and a flowing curl hanging in his face.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM!" shouted the new arrival, who looked very much like the man but with sandy colored hair with a piece of hair sticking straight up and eyes the color of the ocean.
The occupant sighed and asked softly, "What's wrong now, Alfred?"
"What's wrong is that damn Arthur! Apparently he found another Princess for me to go on a playdate with! Of course you never ask Prince Alfred what he wants. I fucking hate him!" Alfred yelled.

Prince Alfred was loud and obnoxious but it kept him noticed by others.
The light haired one, also known as Prince Matthew was so quiet he often was ignored.

"Also why don't you come up to the party? Arthur can't make me want to marry for the crown forever. I mean, you still can get it." Alfred said.
"GOOD! I'll see you up there then!" Alfred shouted, running out of the room without giving Matthew a chance to respond.
Matthew groaned, burying his face into a pillow.

Two years ago, The King and their Father had passed on leaving a rule in place.
The rule still stood even now.

"I here by decree that whom ever of my sons is to marry first will become the next ruler. ONLY if they can find the one that will love them in return..."

It was easier said than done.
He was ignored by most of the Princesses as most were interested in his twin brother and then the Princesses became annoyed by Alfred's personality.
So either way, it was always stressful for everyone in the castle.

Matthew stood up, throwing off his quilt.
He better at least go up to get something to eat.


In the water around the ship, Prince Gil was basically excited by the party going on the decks. He swam around in the shadows of the ship, Roderich following him and complaining the entire time. Until Gil found rope to climb on and thus climbed up the side of the ship.

"NO!" Roderich hissed, crawling after Gil. "You are crazy!"
Prince Gil turned his head to look back at the crab. "I'm not crazy, I'm awesome." Gil replied, giving a smirk.

Gil reached a hidden part of the ship so he could peer at the land dwellers.
There was a sandy haired male running and ducking to avoid thrown objects by an annoyed looking man with thick eyebrows.
A big white poof of fur seemed to be the only one that noticed the unnatural being as it kept sniffing at him.

"Kuma!" came a soft shout which only seemed to raise the attention of the sneaky Merman.
His red eyes raised and widened at seeing the land dweller who was sitting down to hug the big fluff of white fur.
Light colored hair that hung around his face with a piece of it hanging in front of his light purple eyes.

Gil flicked his tongue over his lips, a smirk growing on his face. "Zhat is the most awesome person I have ever seen...he's almost as awesome as me." Gil said to himself.
Roderich stared over. "Vhat?! Are you crazy?! Its a human!" he hissed. Gil's smirk fell and he smacked the purple crab back into the water.

"Hola Gil!"
Gil looked up to see a seagull with brown feathers sitting on the ship's railing staring at him.
"Hallo Tonio."
"You watching the Princes' birthday fiesta?"
"Didn't you know? This is the ship for the Twin Princes of the nearby kingdom. Today is their Nineteenth birthday."

Gil's eyes locked on the male playing with the white fluff ball.

"That is the younger Prince, Matthew. It took me two years to remember his name so don't feel bad if you forget it." Tonio said, rustling his feathers. Gil blinked. "Matthew?....awesome name..." Gil said, staring at the younger Prince.

"Matt! You finally made it to the party!" cried the sandy haired one as he stopped behind Matthew, lifting him up in a hug. Matthew flailed in response.

"The estúpido one is Prince Alfred, Matthew's twin brother. He's such an idiot, he actually tried to shoot me just last week." Tonio said, motioning to his wing where some feathers were bent.
Matthew managed to get out of his brother's grasp and escaped to the railing, glancing out at the sea.
Gil hid in the shadows, watching the blond.
Roderich glared up at him. "Prince Gil, are insa-" he started before Gil pointed up.
For the first time that Gil could remember, Roderich willingly shut his mouth.

"Hey Prince Alfr-" came a voice before Matthew pointed in a direction.
"He's over there..." He said.
Once the person walked away, Matthew buried his face in the railing.

"Why can't anyone notice me?" he cried, muffled by his arms.


Arthur Kirkland clapped his hands loudly, trying to get the crew's attention and failing.
A servant girl with long brown hair with an orange flower tucked in it took charge, grabbing a wine bottle and smashing it loudly on the wood. "LISTEN UP!" she screamed.
Arthur's green eyes widened. "Elizabeta! That was the expensive wine!" he shouted.
"Bocsánat, Mister Kirkland." she replied quickly, bowing her head.

Arthur coughed. "Now I have a gift to the two dear Princes for their nineteenth birthdays. Prince Alfred and Prince-..." Arthur stopped, having forgotten the name of Alfred's brother. YET AGAIN.
The Castle Cook, Francis Bonnefoy slid up to Arthur and whispered, "Matthieu, Arthur. Prince Matthieu."
"I knew that, Frog!" Arthur snapped.
"Of course you did mon cher Arthur." Francis responded sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Yes- as I was saying, as a gift for Prince Alfred and Prince Matthew's birthdays, I have had these sculpted." Arthur said, pulling the cloth off of two life size sculptures of the two Princes.
"Hey Arthur, why isn't this in a heroic pose? I'm the hero of this fairytale right?"
"Alfred! This isn't a fairytale so behave you git!"

The two began arguing.
Matthew glanced up for a second before lowering his gaze to the water, allowing a hand to hang over the railing.
He shut his eyes for a moment to block out the sounds behind him, taking in the sounds of the waves hitting the ship.
"...I wish I could be noticed by someone..." Matthew mumbled.

He shuddered as he felt a cold hand slip into the one he held over the railing.
His eyes shot open.

A thin hand was grasping his, the fingers long and slender.
The skin, a pale white.

As he studied the unfamiliar hand grasping his, he didn't hear the ropes holding the statue replicas of him and his brother snap nor did he hear the large statue sliding to him.
"MATTHEW WATCH OUT!" came Alfred's yell.
"Eh?" Matthew said, glancing over his shoulder in time to see the statues which crashed into him, hitting his head in the process and breaking the railing he stood in front of.

Sending the boy overboard.

But he wasn't alone.


Gil stared up at the Prince fully as his eyes were shut.
Ignoring Roderich's complaints as he did.

"...I wish I could be noticed by someone..." Gil heard Matthew mumble.

Not caring anymore, Gil gripped Matthew's hand in his.
He heard Matthew utter a gasp but he made no attempt to pull out of Gil's grasp or locate the owner of the hand.
"YOU ARE INSANE!" Roderich hissed in Gil's ear.

"MATTHEW WATCH OUT!" came the yell of Matthew's brother.

Gil heard a crack as Matthew was sent tumbling into the water below and dragging Gil from his spot in the process.
Gil yanked on Matthew's hand and grasped his shoulders while under the water.

Roderich flailed as he was sent down with the statue.

Matthew's eyes flickered open slightly.
Gil swam to the surface, the ship having floated a bit away.
"Fuck..." Gil grumbled, holding the wounded Matthew and noticing a bit of blood running down the blond's face.
Gilguppy, having been in the water the whole time swam around Gil.

Tonio flew around Gil's head. "Amigo, is he okay?"
"How the fuck am I suppose to know?!" Gil snapped, not liking the sight of blood on such a lovely face.
"I know where his Castle is. We can head there." Tonio said, leading the way.


Gil ran his fingers through Matthew's blond hair.
It was softer than he imagined it'd be.

Tonio had flown off to taunt any of the Castle residents and lead them back here.
While he was doing that, Gil was enjoying any time he had with the light haired beauty.

Matthew groaned
Gil grinned, leaning to his ear, "Its too bad we didn't get to know each other better, meine Schönheit."
Roderich was on the rock, pacing.
"Oh are insane you're going to get us all killed." he ranted on.
Gil pretended not to hear him.

Tonio came flying back. "Time to go, amigo! Time to kiss your little Prince good-bye." he said.
Gil smirked. "Maybe the awesome me will take up zhat offer." he said.
Roderich pinched Gil's fin. "No time you fool!" he said.
Gil sighed placing a kiss on Matthew's forehead and diving back into the water, resurfacing behind some rocks.

Alfred came running followed by Francis and Arthur. "MATTHEW!" he screamed, searching before spotting the blond lying in the sand. "OH MY GOD MATTHEW!" he screamed, rushing to his twin's side. Matthew's eyes opened slightly. "Al-Alfred?" he asked. "Yes its me. Oh my god!" Alfred wailed, holding the blond to him. "I-I thought I lost you ju-just like Mama an-and Dad..." Francis wrapped the shivering Matthew in a quilt. Alfred lifted up the freezing blond and carried him back to the castle.

Gil watched sadly as the three men carried the blond out of sight.
"Alright, we go back to the kingdom and pretend this never happened." Roderich said.
Gil didn't answer, instead he glared down.
Not at Roderich for once, but his own blood red tail.

For the first time in his life, Prince Gil hated his fin.
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Good news, this AU can continue because I have written the key plot points up to the Chapter 20 Finale and the Epilogue.
Now to the pairings to be featured in this series;

PruCan (Obviously), GerIta (Later on), FrUK, and AmeBel.
No, I will not change a pairing to be listed because you do not like it.
Please respect them.

Characters Who Appeared in This Chapter;
Canada as Prince Matthew
Prussia as Prince Gil
America as Prince Alfred
England as Arthur the Adviser
France as Francis the Cook
Austria as Roderich the Crab
Hungary as Elizabeta the Servant Girl
Spain as Tonio the Seagull
and Gilbird as Gilguppy.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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