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Replacement in the Deal


"You failed~ Now you become one with Anya, da?" Anya teased as she held Gil's wrist in an almost iron grip.
"NEIN! LET GO OF ME!" Gil screamed, struggling against her hold on his arm and flailing his tail.

"N-NO GIL!" came Raivis' voice.
Gil turned his eyes in the direction of Raivis' voice and saw he was being forcefully held back by the two mereels.
He was visibly struggling in the grasp.

"Now why would you want to side with him? He's a weakling, da? He is not a Merman nor is he a Mereel. Just a freak of nature, da?"

Gil struggled against her grasp.
"Kolkolkolkol~" Anya snickered.

Without warning, Anya moved out of the way to avoid something hit her.
Gil's eyes widened upon seeing King Germia floating in front of Anya with Roderich behind him.
Though Roderich was in a Merman form with a purple tail instead of legs.

"Oh Privet, King Germia. You decided to come to the party as well, da?" Anya greeted.
Germia pointed his staff directly into Anya's face.
"You vill release mein son now!" He growled, his blue eyes burning.
"Nyet~ I can't do that. See, his name is on my contract, da?" Anya chimed, holding up the contract Gil had signed days before.

"You see, Prince Gil mine now...that is..."
"Zhat is vhat?" Germia growled.
" could exchange yourself in Prince Gil's place."
"......fine zhen."

Gil's red eyes widened as Anya shoved him aside.
"VATI NO!" he screamed as Germia vanished in a large cloud of black smoke.

Roderich rushed to his side as Anya picked up the crown Germia had been wearing.

"BRUDER!" came a loud scream.
Gil turned his head as he saw Ludwig, Vash, and Lili come into view.

"Oh no....Vhere's Vati?!" Ludwig demanded.
"Prince Ludwig-" Roderich said, raising a finger at Anya.

Anya was glassy eyed after placing Germia's crown on her head.
Clenching and unclenching her fingers around Germia's staff.

Before Roderich could stop him, Gil rushed at Anya.
"PUT ZHAT DOWN!" he screamed.

Anya reacted fast, slapping him away and tightening one of her tentacles around Gil's neck.

"So simple minded. This was my plan from the beginning."
"I  planned this from the beginning. It doesn't matter what King Germia did...everyone becomes one with Anya, da?"
"NEIN!" Gil hissed, slapping his tail right in Anya's face.

"Kolkolkolkolkol...wrong choice." she said darkly as she tightened her tentacle on Gil's neck.

"BRUDER!" screamed Ludwig.

The two Mereels shoved Raivis away, intervening.
The blond haired one, Eduard grabbing ahold of Lili.
The brown haired one, Toris blocking Vash and Ludwig from getting her back.

"Make any motions and the Princess gets it as well." Eduard said.
"GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF OF HER!" Vash screamed launching at Eduard.

Without warning, Anya's tentacle on Gil's neck was sliced off.
She reared back in pain.
Gil swam out of her reach, seeing who had saved him.
He swam up to him, taking hold of his hand and swimming back to the surface.

Anya's violet burned to the point where they barely showed a drop of color.
The two Mereels, Blond one with Lili still in hand backed away.

"....all become one with Anya, da?" she said as a dark cloud began to consume her form.

Vash gripping Ludwig's arm in fear. Roderich shivering beside him.
"I know zhis doesn't seem like me, but ve had do somezhing. She's going to destroy everyzhing."
"Agreed, Vash."
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Characters Who Appeared in this chapter;
Prussia as Prince Gil
Nyo!Russia as Anya the Sea Witch
Latvia as Raivis the Mereel
Estonia as Eduard the Mereel
Lithuania as Toris the Mereel
Germania as King Germia
Austria as Roderich the Crab Fake Merman
Germany as Prince Ludwig
Switzerland as Prince Vash
Liechtenstein as Princess Lili
and Canada as Prince Matthew

A new part.
Two more til its all over.

Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya
Story ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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