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The Ocean Tides Hide the Unlikely Treasure


A large ship sat in the deep sand, the salt water rotting the wood to the point it was ready to fall apart.
A large form swam out of the ship and held up the object he rescued in his long slender pale hands.
His red eyes glimmered as he gave a smirk.
Flicking his red tail as he did.
He held up his prize to the small fish swimming in his silver-colored hair.

"Vat do you think, Gilguppy? Is zhis awesome enough for the great Prince Gil's collection?" he asked the silent fish.
Not receiving an answer, the crimson-finned merman swam along, mostly being pulled by the current as he stared at his newfound treasure.

It was a piece of broken glass, edges smoothed by the constant flow of water it had been enduring in the recent years.
The picture depicted a circle object with a faded yellow shade.
He glanced up further to see an identical pale circle glimmering above the waves.
"It must be awesome of zhere, Gilguppy. Zhe Sun...Zhe smells...ahh..." He said, finally swimming out of the current to head home.
Gilguppy sat still in his hair.

Upon nearing his home, the large undersea kingdom where his Father, King Germia ruled over their kind, the crimson-finned Prince hid upon spying his two younger brothers.
The Twin Princes.
The older sickly and shy Prince Roman, his light blue scanning around for his older brother and the younger strict and serious Prince Ludwig, his darker blue eyes avoiding the eyes of his own twin.

"Seriously, how hard is it to find zat arrogant Prince?" came the voice of his Father's adviser, the prissy purple crab by the name of Roderich as he swam around the two identical Princes.
"Kesesesesese..." Prince Gil snickered quietly to himself.
"We'ra trying as best as we can, Mister Roderich." said Roman, wrapping the seaweed blanket around his frail frame.
"Ja...Vhy don't you go searching by yourself? Vati did say you are to watch over him now. Vhat with him being be heir to the throne and all." Prince Ludwig said.
Unable to find an answer, the crab stuttered, unable to find a response.
Prince Ludwig grabbed his twin by the arm. "Come on, Roman. We have to go see Vati. We'll see you later, Roderich." Ludwig called, pulling his twin away and out of sight.

The crab sat there on a rock, huffing to himself.
"I work so hard and for vhat? Being driven crazy by four Princes. Prince Ludvig is messy....Prince Roman is constantly ill....Prince Vash...he just hates me...young Princess Lili is well...attached to Vash...and Prince Gil...Do not get me started on zat arrogant brat....sometimes I vunder if he's purposely trying to get me mad." Roderich said to himself, pacing on the rock.
Prince Gil crept onto the rock were he hid.
"Talking about zhis awesomeness, Roddy?" He said, smirking at the crab as he jumped from the fright.
"Prince Gil! I have been looking for you everywhere!" Roderich yelped, flailing his claws.
"Sorry, zhis awesomeness does not have time to chat with a shrimp like you." Gil said, waving his tail in Roderich's direction.

The sudden blast of water knocking the small crab off the rock as he tried to gather himself.

"See ya' Roddy!" Gil said, swimming off and giving that famous laugh of his. "KESESESESE!"
Roderich struggled but managed to trail after the rebelling Prince.

Thinking he had out swam the crab, dove down to the entrance to a small tunnel. Glancing around before swimming inside.
Roderich saw this and swam after the crimson tailed merman, eventually finding himself in a cave.
What made him practically freak out was the insane amount of Land objects littering the place.
Prince Gil flipped about, his fishy companion swimming around his head.

"You know, Gilguppy...zhis all might be awesome. But something tells me there is even more awesomeness on land." Gil said, floating around his cave, his newest treasure clutched in his hands.
"Are you insane?!" Roderich screamed as loud as he could, startling the red-eyed male.
He lowered his gaze on the crab that had invaded his secret hideout.
"Vhat zhe hell are you doing here, Roddy? Zhis is mien awesome place." Prince Gil growled.
"I don't really care, Prince Gilbert. I have every right to go to King Germia and reveal that this place exists." Roderich said.
Gil glared down at the purple crab, especially since he had used Gil's full name.
"Listen Crab head, It's taken me years to gather this all and I don't want a little snobby crab to ruin zat. So how about this? You tell my Vati about this place and the awesome me will tell him how you touch the instruments for used for only the parties and blame it on the lower servants." Gil threatened, swimming around the crab.
" wouldn't dare..." Roderich responded.
"Try me, Roddy." Gil replied. "Now I'm going home...come on Gilguppy..."
Gil swam out of the cave, being followed by Roderich.
"How did you know about that?" Roderich hesitantly asked.
Looking down at the crab, Gil answered, "I've heard you playing, Roddy. Amazing how even Vash never wakes up when it starts."

Gil moved slightly, just narrowly missing a huge anchor that had crashed into the rock, hooking onto it. Roderich, being so small shivered at the sight of it.

It meant only one thing.

A Ship.
And where there was a ship, there were land dwellers.

"Oh no...Prince Gil, hurry. That's a land dweller's ship." Roderich said, as he started to move away from it.
"I know vat it is, Dummkopf..." Gil responded, running his slender hand on the chain connecting the anchor.

His gaze raised up at underbelly of the dark ship.
A grin spreading along his face.
Ignoring the crab's yells, Gil swam up to the bottom of the ship.
Circling he finally made up his mind and swam to the open waves, ready to see what the "Land Dwellers" were really like.
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Finally working on it cause I got inspiration for it.
My Hetalia/Disney crossover.

Quick note on the characters;
Gilbert AKA Prince Gil (Prussia) is a merman who's a bit arrogant.
Gilbird is now Gilguppy.
Roderich (Austria playing Sebastian) is a musical-inclined purple crab who dislikes Prince Gil.
King Germia is actually Germania (I made up the name cause he has no canon name.)
Now to Gil's siblings, I'll just list them and who they are;
Roman = Holy Roman Empire
Ludwig = Germany
(One of my headcanons is that HRE and Germany are twin brothers so this includes that.)
Vash = Switzerland
Lili = Liechtenstein

I'll try to work on more later on.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
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