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Elleore Design Chart by Karma-Maple Elleore Design Chart by Karma-Maple
Elleore, a Danish micronation that has lasted a lot longer than many of the others.

Please note that the information I give is not made up and is actually correct about the history of Elleore

Name: Kingdom of Elleore
Human Name: Anika KÝhler
Date of Foundation:  August 27th, 1944
Languages: Danish and Interlingua

The First Elleore: Elleore first came to be in the mid-10th Century when Irish monks and nuns landed on the island after being forced to leave Ireland and losing most of the the group when they landed on a Greenlandic island.
She was named Elleore by the monks which meant "Golden Island"
The First Elleore would last until 1600 when Danish Vikings burned down the cathedral that the monks had built and force the remaining monks to integrate into the Danish population.
The last known sighting of the First Elleore was by Denmark who witnessed her "die"

1944 Elleore: Elleore would return once the island was bought by Danish schoolteachers and the discovery of the history of said island which would later lead to refounding of Elleore.
Elleore would return in the form of a young child with no memory of her first incarnation and thus with no memory of those she met as the first Elleore.

Modern-Day Elleore: Elleore in the modern day. A rather happy girl who will defend those she cares about. She is a big sister figure to much younger micronations. But lately she's been having strange dreams of a past she cannot remember.

Gakuen Hetalia: She is not an official student, she is however a member of the "We Want to be accepted to W Academy Club" with the other micronations. She might be a member of the Nordic Club with the other Nordic micronations though this is not confirmed.

Cosplay Elleore: Elleore dressed as Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen. She fits with Anna's personality much better than Elsa's.

Nyotalia Elleore: Nyotalia Elleore, also known as Andren KÝhler. Quite the Gentleman and wise, older brother figure.

Base by ~Heartfelt-Dreamer
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Elleore © ~MapleBeer-Shipper
hetaliangirl17 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
One of the monks who surveyed the damage of the cathedral after it burnt down said Elleore would rise again from the ashes.  Kinda sends a shiver down your spine when you read that, huh? 
I guess if she had a personal familiar it would be a phoenix maybe?  I know it's actually a lion, but it's a cool thought.

Anyway, pretty cute, and it tells the history well.
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